On this page you will find everything you need to know about us..

Here you can find a selection of fitness classes to suit your needs.




Weight loss, fat burning classes, FFY (Freestyle Fitness Yoga), metabolic fitness training, Kettlebells or HIIT.
Dance classes like - Zumba, Aerobics and Salsacise.

Muscular strength and endurance classes to get that stronger leaner body! Pilates, condition and stretch, Core stability and back care classes to lengthen and strengthen your whole body using a mind, body approach and giving you better posture, stronger core, move more freely, increase bone density as well as toughening up your tendons and ligaments.

Leaving you feeling stronger, fitter, healthier and happier with great self-esteem!!  There are so many benefits!


any Timetable changes  or cancellation  will be posted on my facebook page

I have been teaching since 2002 during this time i've been constantly looking for new and exciting ways of enjoying fitness!

Teaching many different disciplines in a variety of styles with flair and passion, which makes my classes exciting and fun and keeps my clients coming back for more and more!!

Have a peek at the variety of daily classes on offer, and look out for the fitness master class days. I'm sure you'll be happy and have great fun working out with me and other class participants.. We have an amazing fitness community going - regardless of gender, age and ability

If you have any comments or questions,
please feel free to CONTACT ME..


See you soon!


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A list of group classes, with times and the venues, you can find in the "Get to it" Quick link above, but here are some other options that might suit you better:

Book training sessions:

have a plan made for you to work out at home alone or with me, meet up in a park or at your work place. Ask for nutritional advise - starting with a lesson of what to put in your shopping trolley and what to take out!!

For Online clips:

with instructors and class participants to use at home, check out www.youtube.com/gtifitness.  Subscribe and receive the movie clips straight to your inbox.

Book us for a fitness event:

at gyms, schools or hire us to come and teach you some  zumba or dance routines for hen parties, birthdays, weddings!

Great fun to get your friends on that dancefloor and get a party started!!


Martin Jensen