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What is FFY?

FFY is a fitness program that incorporates deep stretch, Yoga postures and fitness principles. Every element of FFY is validated from a fitness perspective. Any one taking part in a FFY class can expect to improve their flexibility greatly in 8 weeks. They will learn how to identify the bodies stabilising muscles and use them effectively and efficiently to improve their posture and move with more confidence.

How does FFY differ from traditional Yoga?

It is not a spiritual experience it mimics Yoga in its breathing and style offering postures that endorse strength and stability. There is no dogma, chanting or philosophy attached to this workout.

Postures are prescribed from the body’s natural anatomical perspective using the language of fitness. We do not use Yoga names and references. Extreme postures that exceed optimal ranges of motion generally are avoided. We do not prescribe any exercise, posture or movement for the internal organs or for the benefit of disease. Fitness Pilates and fitness exercises that target and positively enhance the bodies postural muscles are included in this workout. During FFY moves and postures can be sequenced together to the beat of the music making transitions seamless and graceful.

Key benefits of FFY:

  • improve strength
  • Improve bone density
  • Improve balance and coordination
  • improve core stability
  • Increase cardio function
  • improve focus
  • teach your body how to engage the entire body instead
    of isolating one area


Call to book your space.

New courses starting 1st November 2018

at Disley Methodist Church - running for 8 weeks


Spaces are limited book in advance. First come, first serve.

Dynamic Kettlebells is a low impact, high intensity weight training class for functional fitness and fat loss developed by a Strength and Conditioning coach.

Some of the benifits of KB training are:

  • Serious cardio workout
  • Improves functional strength
  • Easier on the joints than some other forms of exercise
  • Incredible exercise
  • Great for flexibility
  • Fun and varied never boring
  • Great for fat loss
  • Helps strengthen joints so tougher and less susceptible
    to injury

No need to book if you bring your own Kettlebells


Women Start on 6kg
or a 4kg for single arm work if new to strength training

men start on 8kg or 12kg






Disley methodist church


Mondays 11am

The class is a 50min session.

£6.00 per session (pay as you go)



EVERY Thursday 6pm :

The class is a 1/2 hour.

This short cardio class is £4 only on the door.


Just join in a Lesson

Free Parking available at the venue.






Dynamic Kettlebells

FFY(Freestyle Fitness Yoga)


next courses start

10th January

NOW every Thursdays 6:30 PM